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Scornavacca Documentary 2012

Scornavacca documentary on You Tube

"SCORNAVACCA" a documentary film by J. Brian King released in 2012 about the famous Coconut Grove artist Tony Scornavacca is now showing on YouTube.

Blue movie poster

click here to play "BLUE" trailer

"BLUE" The motion picture is now in development by J. Brian King, Inc. with principal photography to begin when the money shows up. Creative Capital Investers please contact J. Brian King.

"Blue Angel" used by permission Laurence Beall songwriter BMI, performed by Raiford Starke

"BLUE" the original screenplay is now being brought to the big screen. Written, produced and directed by J. Brian King, this psycho thriller takes place on the back roads in the Everglades, a very familiar territory to the native Miamian.

Kenny Miller stars as Johnny, the proprietor of a desolate roadhouse in the middle of nowhere, which holds the haunting secret to decades of un-solved missing persons cases.

Kenny Miller is one of Hollywood's most enduring stars, beginning his career as a teen idol in the Fifties. His film career spans Orson Welles', "Touch of Evil", Cecil B. De Mille's, "The Bucaneer", directed by Anthony Quinn, and in which, Miller acted in several scenes with star Charlton Heston.

Among his film credits are "Going Steady", "This Rebel Breed", "The Young Guns", "Surf Party", "Running Wild", "The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come", and the cult favorite, "I Was aTeenage Werewolf", starring Michael Landon.

In an award-winning role, Kenny Miller co-starred in the ABC Television movie, "Night Train", episode of "B.L. Stryker", starring Burt Reynolds.



Renew Your License... To Kill


Blue witnesses the shotgun murder of his mother by a policeman as a young child, only to grow up and become a rogue Alligator County Sheriff who takes his vengeance out on unsuspecting motorists on a lonely stretch of road. Alice, an un-seasoned FBI agent gets caught in his web in this spider and Fly psycho thriller that takes you deep into the black holes of Florida's Everglades. Johnny (Kenny Miller) holds the dark, forbidden secret that un-leashes the spell as the killer cop finally meets his maker.

click here to read "BLUE" screenplay

Other properties in development at Sun King Studio


An original screenplay by J. Brian King 2008

tagline: The shining of the shadow years

Click to play "Planting Nickels" Trailer

Lingering in a dust bowl the old man wants for the taste of his childhood memories as he taps a nickel with the back edge of a silver spoon slowly, methodically shaping it into a flat edge. He still wears the ring on a tattered piece of leather around his neck hand-made from a buffalo head nickel, donated from his coin collection that appeared from time to time, the cardboard edged worn from touching , almost caressing the indented folds on each page displaying the shiny treasures of years gone by.
He has been seen in the not so neon small town casinos playing the nickel machines more for the company of strangers than the gambling fever that has taken so many before him.
There were happy days,until that fateful morning when his younger brother climbed up that four foot embankment surrounding the steel trestles and planted some nickels on the tracks, but never came back.
Now in his shadow years, the old man's search for the scene of the crying shame is his only passion. He wanders aimlessly up and down the roads paralleling the maze of scattered railroad tracks, like varicose veins on the tumbleweed floor. His fading memory comes and goes like an old AM radio between filling stations, but still he moves forward, sometimes sideways, sometimes back around. Learning to be still, he finally rests in this heavenly place in the desert, alone but not deserted.
Then came the screams.

Sometimes the hunger, just won't leave him alone. Hunger is not alaways something you see on a plate or sitting before you, or next to you, Sometimes hunger can't be seen at all. But it's there- it's always there.

Only a few candle light years away, he is now near the end of his self-inflicted bojangle journey into desolation. But in his heart, he knows it could have been different.

Velvet Celluloid

"VELVET CELLULOID" An original screenplay by J. Brian King 2007

Tagline: Life after Death over coffee, whiskey and cheeseburgers.

Capsule: Marilyn and Elvis have a chance meeting in an all night diner and talk about life after death over coffee, whiskey and cheeseburgers, revealing personal dreams, wishes and fears.

After Blow movie poster

"AFTER BLOW" An original screenplay by J. Brian King 2008 CAPSULE: Hackers steal the signal from the multi-billion dollar GOES weather satellite and fake a 300 MPH category six hurricane. The killer storm's predicted landfall is straight at downtown Miami. While mandatory evacuation is enforced, criminals disguised as the National Guard stay and clean up- and hit every vault in Miami's financial district. TAG LINE: The greatest heist of the new millennium.

click here to read "After Blow" screenplay

"Rock Harbor" the movie

click here to read "Rock Harbor" screenplay

"ROCK HARBOR" an original screenplay by J. Brian King © 1994
TAGLINE: Face Your Dreams, Live Your Fears
CAPSULE: Murder wakes up a sleepy small town in the Florida Keys as two lovers grasp to keep their highly suspect relationship afloat.