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Chokoloskee song by J. Brian King

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"Chokoloskee" written and performed by J. Brian King,
inspired by a boating trip through the ten thousand islands of the Everglades.

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"Reneglades Nation" written and performed by J Brian King

Another sounds like the Everglades song from my NAKED ROADS album

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"Happy Half Hour" written and performed by J Brian King


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J. Brian King & Catfish Marshal 1984

"Longneck Saloon" 1984
Lyrics by J. Brian King ASCAP, music by Robert "Catfish" Marshall

"Longneck Saloon" with lyrics written by J. Brian King (ASCAP) was performed by the Gator Kicks Band and recorded in 1984 at Southern Recording Studio in Hollywood, Florida with engineer "Fiddlin Red" Seidman with additional video recorded live at Gator Kicks Longneck Saloon in Miami and in Nashville, Tennessee in 1985. The music video was recently put together in Final Cut Pro by J. Brian King.

"Robert "Catfish" Marshall Bass Guitar, lead vocals
Don "Radar" Hicks...Fiddles and steel guitar
Larry "Panther Man" Painter...Lead Guitar and vocals
Roy David Powers...Piano, Clavinet and vocals
Al Tomes, Drummer
Thanks to James Braddock... Harmonica


Gator Kicks original Band jacket circa 1984

Bumper Sticker

"Miami. See it Like a Gator". Gator Kicks Longneck Saloon was a roadhouse built in 1940 on Tamiami Trail (aka Highway 41) just West of Miami. Originally called "Betty & Johnny's" it was purchased by J. Brian King in the early 1980's and renamed "Gator Kicks" for Brian's alligator skin cowboy boots. Renovated to it's fifties charm with a juke box in the corner and of course a pool table, it was the site for many Television commercials and films (including Smokey and the Bandit; Miami Vice, etc.)
It was quoted in several publications to be one of the last American strongholds left in Miami.It gained more notoriety when a promotional poster photographed by J. Brian King showing Donna Rice semi-topless became world-wide news when she was reported seeing Gary Hart prior to his presidential campaign. The structure burned to the ground two years after the property was sold to a group of developers. However, the song lives on to those who remember the good old days at Gator Kicks.

Gator Kicks Longneck Saloon Poster 1982 J. Brian King, design by the Brothers Bogusky

J. Brian King with Miami Vice Testarossa.

Pool girls shot on location at Gator Kicks 1984

Jackie Gleason on the set for Smokey & The Bandit 3

Gator Kicks Longneck Saloon circa 1980's

1966 Vox Bobcat guitar

Play "Chokoloskee" music & lyrics by J. Brian King